HSMAI Arizona - Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International, Arizona Chapter

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can become a member?

Anyone involved the hospitality industry. That includes sales, marketing and revenue management professionals in resorts, hotels or any company that markets its products and/or services to the hospitality industry. HSMAI is also the only professional association for the revenue management profession.

How much does it cost to join HSMAI?

The following memberships are all individual memberships, not corporate. Presently, the annual membership dues are as follows:

Hotel/Associate Membership:
$385 per year
$690 for a two-year membership

Partner/Service Provider Membership:
$415 per year
$715 for a two-year membership

Multiple Membership Program
The first membership for Hotel/Associate memberships is $385 and $280 for each additional person and Partner/Service Provider memberships it is $415 and then $310 for each additional person. To be eligible for this special pricing, applications and payment must be submitted at the same time.

Faculty Membership
$100 per year

Student Membership
$70 per year - this rate is good for THREE years after the student graduates.

MPI/HSMAI Dual Membership
$700 per year – a savings of over $220 to belong to both. This membership is NOT transferrable if a member leaves their place of employment.

Is there a corporate membership available?

Yes. HSMAI started offering an Organizational Membership two years ago. This was designed for companies (hotel brands, ownership groups, hotel management companies and partner companies) who have ten or more associates in the corporate office who wish to engage in HSMAI at programs curated for corporate professionals. Member dues vary with the number of participants.

What happens to my membership if I change jobs?

Members who change positions within the industry carry their memberships with them for the remainder of that dues year. The former employer may replace the member with another eligible individual for the remainder of the dues year at no additional cost. This does not apply to the MPI/HSMAI Dual membership which stays with the original member.

Are there any additional costs associated with membership?

No. There are, however, additional participation fees should you decide to attend any chapter meetings and events, educational seminars, trade shows, or other local, national, or international events.

Where and how do I join?

You can join HSMAI today by completing the membership application in one of three ways:

1. Complete the online application and submit it using a credit card (all online credit card transactions are secure!)

2. Print out the online application, complete it and fax it to HSMAI Global Headquarters, along with your credit card information.

3. Print out the online application, complete it and mail it to our HSMAI Global Headquarters.

4. There is currently no no-line application for the dual Membership.

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