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The HSMAI Goal: To assist hospitality program students achieve their goals of a successful career in the hospitality, travel and tourism industry, HSMAI has assembled an array of resources.

In this area you will find links to information on hospitality degree programs, internship opportunities in sales and marketing and scholarships available from HSMAI. Local HSMAI professional chapters and collegiate chapters are other resources that can help you advance through your education and into the hospitality industry.

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Student Membership Testimonials
Student Membership Benefits
Scholarship Opportunities

Student Membership Testimonials

"I very much enjoyed our tour of the Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs in Phoenix, Arizona. It was very interesting and informative to see all the behind the scenes of each department at the resort, and all the work that goes into each. All the staff were very friendly and were very generous to take the time out of their busy schedules to show us what they do at the property. Thank you all for the awesome experience!" - Anna Stadtmiller

"The Student Mentor Program through HSMAI has enabled me so much support and guidance from graduating college, to helping find the right opportunity with the right company, and continuing to develop me along in my career. I can honestly say that if it was not for my mentor, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to speak with so many professionals throughout the industry before I even graduated college, nor have had all the guidance throughout the career decision making process, and also the continuous support in my transition into the professional world." - Tommy Logan

"The trip with HSMAI to the Talking Stick Resort was an amazing experience. An experience that has helped me want to move in a direction I had previously considered. The Talking Stick Resort tour helped me to realize that I want to pursue a career path in Casinos and Resorts. The guest speaker was amazing, and for the first time I knew what my economics teachers were trying to tell me all through my economics classes. I just needed someone to relate it all to something I am passionate about." - Pam Graymountain

"I really enjoyed the booth set up before the meeting, it was a great way to meet people and explore different jobs in the industry. The guest speaker was very straight forward and to the point , which I found helpful. Talking Stick is a beautiful property, the tour really gave us a chance to see things we wouldn't have from just the meeting alone. Big thanks to HSMAI for letting us be apart of this!" - Kate Wilson

"This being my first time going to a HSMAI meeting, I didn't know what to expect. I found the whole experience amazing. Everyone was very welcoming and inclusive. The presentation was informative and had lots of relative information. I will definitely be attending more in the future." - Tara Lyman

"The State of the Industry luncheon meeting at Talking Stick Resort was an invaluable experience for students. I was so glad we were exposed to the different committees of HSMAI and had the chance to talk with not only HSMAI members, but also their bosses. The meeting added tremendous value to what we learn in class and put us ahead of our peers who don't have access to such current information regarding the industry we are studying. The best way to learn is by going our and doing something, and through these meetings we are able to do so!" - Renee Olivieri

Student Membership Benefits

Jump-start Your Sales & Marketing Career!

Key Benefits:

  • A Competitive Edge:  Industry contacts, business experience and key industry knowledge to build job opportunities and a successful hospitality future.
  • Expanded Curriculum:  HSMAI programs and education that will compliment academic learning.
  • Leadership Building Experience:  A way to learn how to be a better leader by being a leader in your local HSMAI chapter or in your collegiate chapter.
  • Mentoring:  Connect with today's industry leaders through chapter and program participation.
  • Industry Experience:  Internships, job fairs, and participation in HSMAI chapter boards and programs.
  • Scholarship Opportunity:  Scholarship opportunities offered annually by the HSMAI Foundation.
  • Industry Discipline Specific Education:  Exclusive access to extensive online Knowledge Center resources.
*Students can get the Student Membership rate of $70.00 for THREE YEARS after they graduate (versus the regular fee of $385-$415).

For more information on these International benefits, go to: https://americas.hsmai.org/membership/

In addition to the fantastic benefits you get as a member of HSMAI, The Arizona Chapter also offers:

  • Access to industry publications: HSMAI Marketing Review, HSMAI Insights Newsletter, Student Update e-newsletter and Arizona Chapter e-newsletter.
  • Building relationships with other chapter members - hospitality sales and marketing professionals from throughout the state of Arizona.
  • Complimentary rates for chapter education programs and reduced rates for networking/special events.
  • Mentoring opportunities through the chapter Student Relations Committee.
  • Scholarship opportunities for students offered Internationally and locally.
  • Members Only resources at www.hsmai.org and www.hsmai-az.org.
  • Worldwide industry contacts.
  • Opportunity to post profile, photo, and resume on the chapter website
  • Internships and temporary sales opportunities through the Student Relations Committee.

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Scholarship Opportunities

The Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International (HSMAI) Foundation also offers scholarships to students meeting the requirements. Click here for more information from the International website.

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