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HSMAI University

Launched in 1996, HSMAI University is the organization's most comprehensive and ambitious initiative in the realm of education for sales and marketers of hospitality and travel to-date, entailing a wide-ranging schedule of course offerings and learning experiences in public venue, private label and online formats.

Programs for 2010 are aligned with HSMAI's Special Interest Groups (SIGs) to offer specialized content to support business needs in revenue management, Internet marketing, hotel directors of sales and marketing, and resort marketing. Every aspect of the content and support material included in the HSMAI University program has been specifically designed and developed for those involved in sales and marketing, including an inventory of subject matter appropriate to individuals with responsibilities ranging from entry-level to advanced.

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What people are saying about HSMAI University Webinars:

From Twitter:

"I am going to pass this along to our DOS thanks! HSMAI webinars are AMAZING! I take a lot of the rev. mgmt ones and marketing."

From emails to HSMAI University from viewers:

"I thoroughly enjoyed the program -- it was beyond my expectations!"

"I find more value with my HSMAI membership than with any other professional organization I have ever been affiliated with. The HSMAI University educational programs have been most helpful to my associates and me. Your organization is a wonderful resource for the hospitality industry."

From webinar evaluations done by viewers:

"EXCELLENT presentation. Learned a LOT. Thank you!"

"Extremely efficient and valuable -- the whole event was excellent."

"Good info, practical, affordable things to be thinking about implementing."

"I have been doing government travel for 15 years and this has some very valuable resources that I had not seen before." [about a webinar on accessing resources for securing government business]

For More Information
* For general inquiries regarding registration and program development ideas, please contact Kathleen Tindell, CHSC, Program Manager, HSMAI/HSMAI University, at ktindell@hsmai.org or 703-506-2010.