Coronavirus Recovery Resource Page

The goal of this page is to give our members ONE place to search for resources HSMAI and others are providing during the coronavirus outbreak.

Meeting PRofessionals

Provided by Meeting Professionals International

Event Industry

Provided by the Event Industry Council

Arizona Tourism

Provided by the Arizona Lodging & Tourism Association

Fuel Travel REsource page

Fuel Travel has also put together a fantastic, searchable collection of every bit of news, advice, and videos about hospitality and the corona virus

SEeking employment

Great resources for updating resume, LinkedIn – from Search Global

MPI/HSMAI Job Seekers Facebook Page:

State of Arizona

Need to file for unemployment insurance? Employment opportunities for Tourism & Hospitality workers links. Mortgage or renters assistance questions?

Arizona Chapter Helpful Information

Let's Stay Connected

We want to stay connected with you during these inconvenient times. The database for our chapter directory is taken directly from the current HSMAI International database and YOUR on-line profile. Please log in to to view and edit your profile to make sure everything is correct and current.

If you have any problems, you will need to contact our HSMAI Headquarters, Stacy Gleason, HSMAI Director of Membership at or (703) 506-3262