Membership has its Privileges

Individual Membership

Tools and insights, networking opportunities, educational sessions and fun!  We offer the ability for sales, marketing and revenue managers to engage and learn.

HSMAI - MPI Dual Membership

This special membership offers 20% in savings to belong to both of these leading organizations.

Organizational Membership

Organizational Membership is designed for companies who have ten or more associates in the corporate office who wish to engage in HSMAI at programs specially curated for corporate professionals.

Your job is complex. Joining and renewing your membership with HSMAI is easy.

Starting January 1, 2022, HSMAI has simplified the options and pricing for becoming part of the largest global hospitality sales, marketing, and revenue optimization community. Industry professionals now have just one decision to make when joining or renewing – just what type of organization you are part of:

Individual membership categories:

  • STUDENT/FACULTY/RETIRED (full time each): $50
  • MPI/HSMAI DUAL MEMBERSHIP: $644/Supplier and $538/Planner (this special offer is a savings of over $200 to belong to both)

HSMAI also offers discounted options for packages of 10 or more memberships, and special opportunities for Organizational Membership.

Being a member of HSMAI is all about connections. We connect you to peers and colleagues, education and networking, and trends and insights, curated just for you. We connect you to the community of hospitality sales, marketing, and revenue.

What Will You Get Out of HSMAI-AZ?

  • Great local educational programs and webinars to help improve business and increase skills
  • Local and national market intelligence
  • Opportunity to increase leadership and organizational skills through committee and board involvement
  • Access to a network of HSMAI member worldwide
  • Quarterly chapter e-newsletter
  • Community outreach volunteer opportunities
  • A variety of networking opportunities to build relationships with other members
  • International website ( an interactive forum for research and education
  • HSMAI Foundation, providing industry publications, research and scholarships
  • Internationally recognized certifications for digital marketing, revenue management and business acumen
  • HSMAI Annual Conferences – Marketing Strategy, Revenue Optimization and Sales Leadership
  • Building long-lasting friendships with industry peers; lead generation and cross-selling opportunities
  • HSMAI Insights – weekly newsletter

INdividual Member Pricing

  • Hotel/Associate $295


  • Partner/Supplier $395


  • Faculty $50


  • Student $50

    Annually - Sponsorships may be available